Here's a chatlog from 2015.

me: wow, Tygem's "I forgot my username" page just tells you the username for the email you enter
me: instead of emailing
me: hmph, I failed to remember my password anyway
me: the "forgot password" page asks for your username AND email
me: also it pops up a "Are you sure you want to submit this request?" javascript popup TWICE
me: « To reset your user password, please press the left mouse button over the link below or copy and paste the address into your web browser. »
me: dang, this link only works in IE
me: « This website wants to install the following add-on: 'TonyangOnlineProgram' from 'Tong Yang Online Co.,Ltd'. »
me: hmm I clicked install but it doesn't seem to load the page
me: I'll try XP
me: FFF
me: hmm installing the ActiveX thing doesn't seem to have any effect
me: I don't even get an "install successful" message

me: I guess I'm back to making a new account, which I went back from because all the usernames I wanted were taken
me: hmph password must be 6-10 chars
me: luckily anybody with a modern OS will be incapable of changing your password
T: 8k
me: the last country option is "Etc"
me: I assume that includes N Korea
me: since Korea and N Korea are not options, but S Korea is
G: it could also include Liberland, that way they don't have to update the list every time there's a new country
me: another option is "Tiwan"
me: and "Swiss"
me: hopefully I won't forget this password
me: logged in successfully
me: wtf I said I was 8k but it made me 9k

T: so much for "non-standard OS zoom levels"!
me: IIRC there's a fourth that got cut off because scaling
me: it doesn't look very different either
S: that is ridiculously bad UI
G: Type F, Type E, Type C
T: TL note: he uses a non-standard UI zoom at the OS level, and this program handles that poorly
S: sure but the graphics for the buttons look bad. the radio buttons look bad. the icon by delete friends list looks bad. Like every element of it looks crappy.
S: "greetings" is too close to the horizontal line below it. icon next to greetings looks stupid. icon is too close to the word "greetings".
S: it's like off the charts in not caring about graphic design.

B: Fuck all of my friends.
B: Delete
B: One of the primary configuration options,. Rightfully prominent
Z: purge
Z: burn those bridges and purge
me: I didn't even notice that
me: I laughed uncontrollably for a full minute after you pointed it out
B: It's greyed out. You have no friends
me: I can't believe none of us noticed "Delete entire friend list" earlier
me: very important feature

me: I made an empty board to play around with, but I forgot to check "no webcam"
me: so it immediately asked me to select a video capture device

me: okay now to complete my original quest of screenshotting the emotes for the amusement of IRC
T: It's a nice weather today.
G: great
G: I enjoyed waching a game
G: I'm having trouble with bad manners.
Z: i listened your music very well
Z: Go teacher. You must win
Z: "Go teacher" has a double meaning here
me: amazing
me: I'm pretty sure they mean the verb
me: I wonder what other languages there are, and how bad those translations are
me: « Ask a help »

me: how about this icon for buying credits
me: « A betting game has started.
me: [1Section] Betting is available until move 50.
me: Betting game: The winner of this game will receive 2% of the total points bet on the game. Thank you for your co-operation that contributes to a good game.
me: Betting has ended. Thank you. »
B: what does the loser receive?
T: shame
me: you can buy consumables that double your winnings or insure you against lost bets
G: shame insurance
me: there are also consumables for changing your username, resetting your rating, wiping your game records, and wiping your betting records
G: paid consumable for wiping your game records
G: Sir it says you have 9001 disconnections, I am uninterested in a game
G: $$$$
G: oh nevermind it's 0 let's play
me: to clarify, the people betting are not the players
B: whats the purpose of beting
me: to accumulate betting points
me: probably there are hats involved too
me: probably there is more explanation in korean help
G: saying gg two and a half times before the match has even started
me: apparently "Cheer" animates a shower of rose petals on their avatar
me: "Cheer" in action:
me: « ** [Congratulatates] 'i707580', in room 553 , has won a prize of 9,000 points for cheering.** »

me: wow, the username search is casesensitive
me: you can't register a differently-cased of somebody else's name though
me: is mouse.gif the most tryhard avatar
me: since it's the first one in the dropdown, for those who don't give a shit
T: is not trying at all the highest symptom of a tryhard
me: hmm rumor has it that reaching max rank on Tygem lets you change your avatar

me: man these usernames
me: kkkk0799 vs ppaarrkk
me: maybe all the good ones are taken
me: since they have to be 4-10 chars
me: other than that the English client doesn't show lines containing hangul
me: I have no idea what's up with that screenshot
G: 555
B: 55555555555
T: 010101010
me: I'm imagining a hacker commanding botnets in Tygem chat

me: I tried to log out of Tygem, but the confirmation dialog was rekt by my zoom
me: fortunately pressing enter worked

me: server pop probably peaks above 10000 during Asian primetime
me: « KGS is where the majority of English speaking players Go. Tygem is not recommended for beginners. If you want correspondence games, go OGS, otherwise play KGS. You can check out all the fairy gambling servers with bad translation later. »
me: « Hello, if you are reading this guide you probably have a mac and would like to use Tygem on it without using bootcamp. Welp here is how you do it in 20 excruciating steps! »
me: re: tygem chat: « I imagine it is all as elaborate troll on non-koreans while they laugh at us with their moon language on tygem. »